Back to Basics w/ Law of God

A New Catechetical Series Based on the Law of God

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Fr. Justin began a new multi-part catechetical series, called “Back to the Basics with the Law of God.” As Father noted in part 1, the term of “Law of God” can mean, broadly speaking, any course or teaching that might in English be known as “Christian Eduation” tailored for children. In its narrower sense, the Law of God is a 20th-century Russian Orthodox catechetical book by Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy, published by Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville. Fr. Seraphim’s book exemplifies a kind of basic (non-academic) approach to our Orthodox Faith that can be very helpful to believers of any age. 

As Fr. Justin works through the Law of God (online version here,) part by part throughout the fall and early winter, we will be posting the segments here, including the audio, slide, and some commentary about each class. The live classes will be on most Wednesday evenings (720-820pm) immediately following our weekly 630pm Wednesday service. (Check our online calendar for any irregularities.)

Part 1: Introduction & Basic Concepts   (slide show in pdf for Part 1) (Oct. 17)

  • In part 1, we discuss the context for the Law of God book and its place among Orthodod catechetical materiails. We also introduce creation, God, the Trinity, basic aspects of piety, the church building (temple,) and more.

Part 2: Iconography, Prayer, and Prayers  (slide show in pdf for Part 2) (Oct. 24)

  • In part 2, we explored some of the basic forms of iconography, we reviewed “prayer” broadly, and then more deeply delved into “the prayers” that Orthodox Christians use in their daily life and the specific prayers used for various special needs.

Part  3: The Gospel in the Old Testament (1) (slide show in pdf for Part 3) (Oct. 31)

  • In part 3, we track with the author of The Law of God as he surveys Genesis up through the Flood, following his examples of drawing out parts of the story that point to the New Covenant.

Part 4: The Gospel in the Old Testament (2) (slide show in pdf for Part 4(Nov. 7)

  • In part 4, we review key biblical stories, as highlighted in The Law of God, that point us towards Christ’s Coming.

Part 5: The Gospel in the New Testament (1) (Nov. 14)

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