Telos Pilot Parish

In August of 2017, St. Athanasius was chosen as one of 14 pilot parishes for the Telos Project. In January of 2018, our parish was awarded a $1,000 non-competitive grant. On July 18th, our parish was awarded a $10,000 non-competitive grant to continue this work through August, 2019. In the two years following, we anticipate receiving further grants through Telos. (You can read our complete and approved grant proposal here.)

Our Responsibility: Our $10,000 grant for 2018-2019 will allow us to:

  • Invest in Parish Leadership Development
  • Invest in Parish-wide Relationship Building
  • Build relationships to understand and work with our emerging adults

So far, the work with the Telos program at St. Athanasius has been led by a growing core team of parish leaders. As of fall 2018, here are some ways you can be involved.

Help us plan events to build relationships within our parish and community:

  • Church New Year festival and picnic (Sept. 8)
  • Educational events and workshops (fall and spring)
  • Social events (throughout the year)

Get directly involved in opportunities we have identified for outreach and increase integration into the life of our parish including planning or participating in:

  • small group activities like books clubs or hosting a meal or having coffee with young adults
  • serving the larger community by putting put practical “feet” to our faith
  • coordinating educational events and retreats

Our dream is to inspire a new generation of clergy, lay leaders, philanthropists, and volunteers who will serve in the Orthodox Church well into the 21st century. Here are some photos of events so far (including social events, a visit to the OCA-wide All-American Council, and service events…)