Pentecost Liturgy on the Hill

We begin our summer schedule this Sunday, June 15, 2008 with Liturgy beginning at 9:30am. Our first Sunday of summer will not served in our chapel (as it will be on other Sundays of the summer) but rather on our church’s land at 2500 Chrisman Mill Road. [directions to the hill] (Note: the 6:30pm Saturday evening Vigil will be held in our chapel as usual for the eve of Pentecost).

Included in our festivities on the land on Sunday morning will be Liturgy at 9:30am, a Picnic lunch (bring a picnic blanket and basket with extra food for one person), followed by recognition for our Sunday School teachers and the prayers of the Pentecost Kneeling Vespers service. Visitors are invited to join us for this momentous occasion–as our parish celebrates its first Sunday service out on our beautiful property.

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