Fall Lecture Series: Part 3

So far this fall, we have welcomed two of our four fall lecturers. On September 24, Architect Thomas Smith delivered the first lecture on Orthodox Church Architecture. Click here for an audio of Thomas’ talk entitled “Orthodox Architecture as an Encounter of the Kingdom.” On October 15, Reader Gregory Ealy, choir director of the Holy Trinity OCA Cathedral in Chicago, spoke about the rich chant traditions of the Orthodox Church and how they escort us spiritually into the Kingdom. Click here for a the text of Gregory’s presentation.

Part 3: Encountering the Kingdom–Iconology of the Church

On Wednesday evening, November 5th at 7:30pm, Matushka (Priest-wife) Tamara Patterson will be speaking on the use of iconography in Orthodox churches. She will be focusing particularly on how icons and frescoes interact with each other and with the church building itself to proclaim the Gospel. Matushka Tamara will explore not only icons, but also the broader iconographic programs (planned themes) into which individual icons are traditionally placed.

Fresco from Dallas Cathedral

Frescoes of Dallas Cathedral

Matushka Tamara received her Master of Arts in Orthodox Theology in 2005 from St. Vladimir’s Seminary, receiving honors for her thesis entitled: “Language as Metaphor: an Orthodox Critique of Gender Neutral & Gender Inclusive Language in the Trinitarian Formula.”

Matushka Tamara’s talk at 7:30pm will follow our 6:30pm evening service (Akathist to the “Lord Jesus: Light to those in Darkness”).

Refreshments and childcare will be provided.

Mark your calendars:

  • Part 4: Wednesday, December 10th-Fr. Justin Patterson will be speaking on “Monasticism as an Encounter of the Kingdom.” As introduction to Fr. Justin’s talk, we will be screening the widely acclaimed new film (30 min.) on the monastic life, produced by the Holy Cross Hermitage of West Virginia. To see a trailer of the film and to learn more about the monastery, visit www.holycross-hermitage.com

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