Are you really sold out for God?

A Glimpse into the World of Orthodox Monasticism

Have you ever wondered why someone would become a monk?  Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a nun?  If you have ever asked these questions or wondered what it means to be “sold out” to Christ, you are invited to spend an evening with us!

Join us on Wednesday, December 10th for:

6:30pm Vespers (Evening Worship)

7:30pm Screening of film “From the Little Mountain” (30 mins)

8:00pm Talk by Fr. Justin on Monastic Life and its Meaning

9:00pm Monastic Office of Compline with the Jesus Prayer

Fr. Justin will discuss the daily details of monastic life, as well as the broader spirit of monasticism that deeply imbues the Orthodox Church’s approach to worship and contemplation to this day.

St. Athanasius Orthodox Church is located in South Nicholasville in the Lily Springs center at 926 S. Main St. across from Kroger (see sidebar for directions).  Childcare and light refreshments will be provided.  Please call ahead to reserve a space for childcare.   For more information or to reserve a spot for your child (a message is fine), please call 881-8144.

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