Come Worship the Incarnate Savior with Us!

In the coming week, our parish begins its celebration of what some have called the Winter Pascha–the dual feasts of Nativity of our Lord in the Flesh (Dec. 25) and Theophany (Jan. 6). In the cases of both feasts, however, the feasts themselves never stand alone. Leading up to Nativity, we keep a 40-day to prepare our hearts and bodies to receive the Lord anew. We then “keep feast” for 12 days following Christmas as we prepare for a second key feast, Theophany, when the Orthodox Church recalls the Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan and the revelation of the Trinity in that event.

Cave of the Ntivity in Bethlehem

Cave of Nativity in Bethlehem

These days of fasting and feasting are peppered with dozens of beautiful services and constitute a special revelation of the goodness and love of God for mankind, bearing witness to the ongoing divine invitation extended to all of us to participate in the very Life of God. We invite all to come worship with us in these days.

Our Services for the Feasts

Tues., Dec. 23, 6:30-7:20pm: Vespers for the Forefeast of Nativity

(followed by Confession)

Wed., Dec. 24, 9-10:15am: Royal Hours of Nativity

Wed., Dec. 24, 12pm-2pm: Vesperal Liturgy

Wed, Dec. 24, 6:30-8:15pm: Great Vigil (Compline & Matins)

Thurs., Dec. 25, 8am-9:30am: Divine Liturgy for the Feast

Fri., Dec. 26, 7am-8:15am: Liturgy for the Synaxis of the Theotokos

Weekend schedule as usual (Dec. 27-28)

Wed., Dec. 31, 6pm-8pm: Vesperal Liturgy for Circumcision & St. Basil

(Vesperal Liturgy to be held at St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Lexington)

Weekend schedule as usual (Jan. 3-4)

Mon., Jan. 5, 6:30am-7:45am: Royal Hours of Theophany

Mon., Jan. 5, 11:30am-1:15pm: Vesperal Liturgy of Theophany Eve

Mon., Jan. 5, 6:30pm- 8:15pm: Great Vigil (Compline and Matins)

Tues., Jan. 6, 7am-8:15am: Divine Liturgy for the Feast

The outdoor Great Blessing of Waters to be celebrated at Lake Mingo immediately following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, Jan. 11.

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