Project Lazarus: Feeding the Hungry


Free Bread Every Sunday 1pm-2pm

We are pleased to announce that beginning Sunday, January 18, St. Athanasius Orthodox mission is launching Project Lazarus Bread Ministry.  Partnering with Panera Bread Co.–which is generously providing the bread–we will be offering free bread to all who come to the doors of our church each Sunday, from 1pm to 2pm.

The name of our bread ministry, “The Lazarus Project,” refers to the poor man in the Gospel of Luke (16:19-31) who is hungry and full of sores.  In the parable that the Lord tells, Lazarus is treated with complete indifference on the part of a particular rich man.  After both Lazarus and this rich man die, the rich man remains–even in death–totally self-absorbed, incapable of viewing Lazarus with anything more than indifference.  The rich man’s heart remains hard toward Lazarus and cannot fathom the truth that they are brothers indeed.  It is our hope that, in undertaking this ministry, people will find the love of Christ in the food we provide.  It is also our hope and prayer that, as we extend the arms of Christ out to those who need “daily bread,” the self-satisfied and self-absorbed rich man in each of us will be repeatedly rebuked and converted.

If you have questions about Project Lazarus, please call the church office at 881-1659.

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