Entering Great Lent: Pray with Us!

Great Lent–rather than being a time of joylessness or mere deprivation-remains chiefly a time to celebrate the awesome reality that the Lord calls us to Himself.  We are not called to remain as we are, but to “remember Sion” and return to the promised Land of sinlessness and joy.  Eden is opened again, if we but have the courage to reenter it through Christ.   The faithful of St. Athanasius invite everybody to join us as we enter the first week of Lent.  The first week of Lent, Clean Week Thursday evening will conclude at 6:30pm with Great Compline and the meditative Canon of St. Andrew, which calls us to remember our sins and turn from them.  The highlight of our midweek remains the evening Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts, which is celebrated on Wednesday evenings throughout Lent at 6pm.  Following this Liturgy, we invite visitors to join us weekly for a lenten meal and a class for newcomers on the basics of Orthodox Christianity.

The Lenten Spring has come–the time of Repentance!  Let us greet the Fast with joy!

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