An Evening Discussion: Our Holy Week Journey

For Orthodox Christians, the highlight of our worshiping year remains Holy Week, which culminates in the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on what we call Pascha (Passover).  During this sacred week, Orthodox Christians may spend as much as 30 hours in Church services and many other hours in private prayer and reflection.  Why?  Is this not merely a “burdensome obligation?”

Rather than signifying a burden to be gotten through, Holy Week is fixed in the hearts of Orthodox Christians as a miraculous journey of transformation and discovery.  The events of Holy Week do not simply appear; they unfold, revealing the Truth of all things.  We begin our journey with the Raising of Lazarus (Lazarus Saturday) and the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) the weekend before Pascha.  We then journey from these high points in the Lord’s ministry through the darkness of his final days with his disciples as he teaches them, as he celebrates the Last Supper with them, as he himself is betrayed and forsaken by all.  We make this journey with the Lord.

On Wednesday evening, April 1, at 8pm our parish will host an evening discussion with both audio and visual elements on Holy Week in the Orthodox Church.   What does each day signify?  What are the spiritual lessons of each day?  What are some of the themes to be mindful of as we pray each day with the Church?  Our doors are open to everyone for this event.  Come explore the richness of this sacred week with us!

Our Journey through Holy Week Discussion (8pm) will follow the Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts (6pm) and a Lenten Meal (7:15pm) to which all visitors are also invited.  If you have any questions, please call 881-8144 and leave a message.  We will get back with you.

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