Fall Events at St. Athanasius

3rd Annual Fall Lecture Series

This year, our Fall Lecture Series focuses on “The Forgotten Church: Early Christian Answers to Today’s Questions.”  Mark your calendars for our second talk in our Lecture Series, Wednesday evening, Nov. 11, at 7pm.  Fr. Justin Patterson, pastor of St. Athanasius, will be grappling with the nature of leadership in the early Church.

  • Event: A talk on “Preachers, Ministers, Priests: What Should Church Leadership Like?”
  • Place: St. Athanasius Parish hall (see directions in sidebar)
  • Time: Wednesday, Nov. 11, 7pm-8pm

Childcare provided.  Visitors welcome

Refreshments, questions, and Compline Prayers follow

Update: Mission Work Begins in Whitesburg, KY

For the first time in recent history, the Orthodox Church celebrated public services in the town of Whitesburg, Eastern Kentucky!  We had our first of three “Orthodox Outreach Weekends” in Whitesburg on Oct. 31-Nov.1.  Our second weekend is scheduled for Nov. 21-22 and will include services and fellowship on both days.

We will have more information about location shortly.  On Sunday afternoon, Fr. Justin Patterson will be offering an hour-long talk on personal prayer, according to the experience of Orthodox Christians over the last 2000 years.

Our final outreach weekend is scheduled for Dec. 12-13.  Please contact St. Athanasius for more information about any of these events.

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