Season of Theophany 2010

House Blessings

One of the features of Orthodoxy Christian piety is our custom of an annual blessing of each person’s home during the season of Theophany (extended practically to most of January).  By inviting the priest to enter our homes, we implicitly are inviting Christ into the space where we spend so much of our time!  As part of the blessing, the priest sprinkles the entire reisidence with holy water as all the people gathered sing special hymns.  We also chant special prayers for safety and salvation of each resident.

Theophany 2010 Water Blessing

It would truly be glorious if all of our Orthodox Christians–and even those who are not formally Orthodox but who consider themselves part our community–were to arrange a house blessing this year.

If you would like to set up an appointment for a house blessing, please check out the bulletin board in the hallway to find an open spot on the sign-up sheet or see Fr. Justin directly.

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