Season of Theophany

Icon of Christ's Baptism

Icon of Christ’s Baptism

“When thou, O Lord, wast baptized in the Jordan, the worship of the Trinity was made manifest. For the voice of the Father bore witness to thee, calling thee his Beloved Son; and the Spirit in the form of a dove confirmed the truthfulness of his word. O Christ our God, who hast revealed thyself, and enlightened the world, glory to thee.” Troparion of the Feast of Theophany

Wednesday, January 4:

6:30pm–Vespers for the Forefeast (40 min.)

followed by informal coffee time at Starbucks

Thursday, January 5

9am–Royal Hours with Indoor Water Blessing (90 min.)

6:30pm–Vigil for the Feast (2 hr.)

Friday, January 6:

7am–Liturgy for Theophany (65 min.)

Saturday, January 7:

6:30pm–Vigil for Lord’s Day (95 min.)

Sunday, January 8:

9am–Sunday School


12pm–Coffee and Snacks

12:30pm–Great Water Blessing at Lake Mingo

Wilmore-area Houseblessings from 2pm-6pm

Please Call Fr. Justin if you would like to schedule a house blessing during this season of Theophany!

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