Building Steering Committee Update – September 28th

Dear Parish,

The following comes out of the Building Steering Committee (BSC) work as September draws to a close:

The BSC reviewed the comments and ideas collected from our open meeting with the parish on Wednesday, Sept. 19.  We have integrated many of the parish’s insights into a Revised Building Needs Document that will help guide the work of our eventual architect and contractor.  The BSC is presently tightening up a couple paragraphs in the docuement.  Father Justin will make this document available to the parish council and then to the parish electronically by the end of the weekend.    

-The Committee also reemphasized the theme, expressed both in the Sept. 19 meeting and since, that our 1st phase space must be all about flexibility.  With the exception of the worship area, the entire building must be suitable for various uses so that we can meet the needs of fellowship, education, and outreach, recognizing the need for a realistic budget, particularly in this 1st phase.  Father Justin will review the temple requirements with Subdeacon Simeon and Reader Gideon, who with Father, share responsibility for leading liturgical activities in the nave and altar.

The BSC continues to work hard to understand and address all the financial needs our building project requires of our parish.  These needs include developing a concrete and realistic budget for our project (through conversations with architects, contractors, other parishes, and bankers), reviewing where our people are in the capital campaign process, and connecting with new donors both inside and outside the parish,  The BSChas asked Father Justin to visit with every parishioner (in the manner of his previous visits in July 2011) by the beginning of the Nativity Fast (Nov. 15).  We are exploring every option conceivable for raising money, including but not limited to investigating the possibility of selling the Chrisman Mill property.  It is our hope that, in exploring every option, the parish will have as many alternatives as possible to choose from as we clarify budget issues.  

As A Committee we are preparing the Resolution for Hiring Architect Tom Smith.  This Resolution, to be shared with the parish next Sunday, will include both the reasons for hiring Tom and the basic stipulations of our working arrangement.  The parish cote on this resolution is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 14.   

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