Architect Selection Information

Dear parish family and friends,
Christ is in our midst!   Greetings to you on this beautiful Saturday!
This is a reminder, going into this weekend, that next Sunday, Oct. 14, at the end of Divine Liturgy, our parishwill hold a brief voting meeting on the following resolution:

Whereas, architect Thomas Smith, AIA, is the endorsed candidate of both our Parish Council and Building Steering Committee;
Whereas, he is local;
Whereas he is Orthodox and thus has practical knowledge of our liturgics;
Whereas he has intimate knowledge of the subtleties of bluegrass architecture.
Whereas he has designed what is possibly the most beautiful Orthodox temple in Kentucky (St. George Chapel in Louisville)
Whereas he has demonstrated a clear commitment to the project through his volunteer time
Whereas he personally works well with our priest and the Building Steering Committee
Whereas he comes highly recommended to us;.

Therefore, be it resolved that the community of St. Athanasius formally endorses Mr. Thomas Smith, AIA, to serve as the architect for our master building project and our first phase to be constructed on our parish property at Village Parkway and Lime Street in the Orchard Subdivision of North Nicholasville;

Furthermore, be it resolved that the parish delegates to Father Justin Patterson, rector of St. Athanasius Orthodox Church, in coordination with the Parish Council and the Building Steering Committee to negotiate and determine everything necessary to present a full project plan and budget to the parish at a futureparish meeting.

For those who were not able to be present last Wednesday evening for Tom Smith’s fine presentation to our parish, Nathaniel McCallum kindly uploaded a link to youtube with a video of Tom’s talk. In addition, Tom’s slide show is attached to this email, so that you can clearly see all of the images he shared in his talk.  All of the plans displayed in the slide show are Tom’s own work.
Soon, we will have both Tom’s talk, along with Matushka Tamara’s talk, on our parish website.  So stay tuned as the Building Steering Committee continues to make these resources available. 
In the meantime, you may all be inspired by a short 5-minute video from the OCA parish in Santa Rosa, CA which recently completed its own building project.  The rector, Fr. Lawrence Margitich, shares beautiful photos of their new temple and explains in very basic terms the vision for their Orthodox temple.  Enjoy!
God bless you all as we head into the Resurrectional cycle beginning tonight!      fr. justin
Rev. Justin Patterson
St. Athanasius Orthodox Church

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