Building Project Update

The Building Steering Committee and our architect Tom Smith continue to work daily on the building project.  So much has been accomplished in the last year.  What remains to be completed–and what is currently slowing us down–is the work of structural engineer.  We could be delayed receiving the final structural notes two more weeks, which in turn pushes back the request for bids.  What this means, practically, is that our goal of being in our new church by Pascha has probably passed us by.  We continue to work towards bulldozers being out before winter sets in, but we are aware that there is a chance that this will not happen.  One result of this delay is that we will not, as planned, be able to vote on the bundled building package (contractor, final plans, loan agreement, price tag) at the Annual Parish Meeting on Sept. 22 as we had hoped.  That final vote has likely been delayed until October.

While the BSC is disappointed that our timetable has gotten off track, we can recount what has been accomplished so far:

  1. Plans are 99% completed
  2. The City begins review of our plans (99% completed) this coming week
  3. 4 or 5 contractors have been identified who will be invited to bid
  4. $950,000 loan and co-signatory have been confirmed
  5. Quality sources for domes are being priced and reviewed
  6. The deed restrictions on our property are in process of being removed
  7. We have identified point people to lead with special projects:
  • Wes Pulley and Patrick Mooney–landscaping design and implementation
  • Chris Naughton–sound and lighting
  • Chris Reeves–signage and electric for signage / supervise installation of wood flooring in nave
  • Nathaniel McCallum–wiring the church with ethernet line
  • Billy Patterson (Fr. Justin’s dad)–all the casework and cabinetry
  • Fr. Justin–cupola
  • Mary Bradshaw–coordinating interior colors (with BSC)

8.  We have confirmed flooring materials for use throughout:

  • nave (ash wood)
  • soleas and runner (carpet)
  • sacristy (carpet)
  • choir room/diaconicon (carpet)
  • narthex (tile)
  • offices (carpet)
  • classroom (carpet)
  • upper bathroom (tile)
  • storage closet (tile)
  • basement (polished/stained concrete)

The Building Steering Committee is working hard to get our church built in an expeditious manner.  Once we feel confident that our selected contractor (still a month away most likely) sets a timetable we can all agree to, then we will publish that timetable.  We ask your prayers for us, for Tom Smith, and for the folks who are working with us on this project!

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