May 2014 Feast of St. Athanasius and 6-Hour Mini-series A.D.


Bulletin May 4, 2014

“Both from the confession of the evil spirits and from the daily witness of His works, it is manifest, then, and let none presume to doubt it, that the Savior has raised His own body, and that He is very Son of God, having His being from God as from a Father, Whose Word and Wisdom and Whose Power He is. He it is Who in these latter days assumed a body for the salvation of us all, and taught the world concerning the Father. He it is Who has destroyed death and freely graced us all with incorruption through the promise of the resurrection, having raised His own body as its first-fruits, and displayed it by the sign of the cross as the monument to His victory over death and its corruption”. – The Incarnation of the Word, Chapter 5, The Resurrection (5:32)

The following services will be held to commemorate  the feast day of our Patronal Saint, St. Athanasius the Great, Father of Orthodoxy:

Thursday, May 1 at 6:300m Great Vespers followed by fellowship in the parish hall

Friday, May 2 at 7am Festal Liturgy

Friday, May 2 at ~8:30am Moleben (at the new church on Lime Lane)



Starting on Wednesday, April 30, the Wednesday night Christian Education Class will begin viewing a special six-hour edition of the compelling film A.D. that depicts the trials and triumphs of the the early church.

The movie will be viewed in one-hour segments on Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm to 8;15pm, following our Wednesday Vespers at 6:30pm.


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