Pentecost; Apostles Fast; Preparing to Move

 Bulletin June 22, 2014            Bulletin June 29, 2014

Pentecost: Feast of the Holy Trinity – June 8

Feast of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul – June 29

The week of Pentecost allows us a fast-free period before beginning the Apostles’ Fast on Monday, June 16 in preparation for the Feast of Ss. Peter & Paul.

Construction on our new church is progressing and we begin preparations for moving in mid to late July!  Fr. Justin build the cross below for the apse.

 10333647_510419435747605_3963544861223625133_o 10258096_511426885646860_8529770892519425640_o  10169301_508327672623448_6127142646997081880_n

 IMG_8298    IMG_8290

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