2014 Nativity Fast

2014 Nativity Schedule                         Bulletin December 14, 2014


November 15 – December 24: Nativity Fast

This fasting season is not so much of penitence, but of quiet expectation and preparation for the coming of the Son of god in the flesh.  The Nativity Fast (also called Christmas Lent, St. Philip’s Fast, or even, more colloquially, the Advent Fast) inevitably bumps up against some of the excesses of secular Christmas celebrations and calls us to pull back from too much food, to offer our alms and efforts to others, to still our hearts, and to focus on the “One thing needful.”  In short, we are to discover the Incarnate Christ in this season so that we can proclaim with the angels, shepherds, and Magi, “Christ is Born! Glorify Him!”


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