Bulletin July 19, 2015


New Visitor Parking Signs Have Been Installed!

All-American Council  meeting in Atlanta this coming week, July 20-24.

Feast of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr is Saturday, July 18.  Deacon Simeon will lead an Akathist to St. Elizabeth and serve Deacon Vespers beginning at 6:30pm.

Typica w/Communion Service w/ Deacon Simeon will be served at 10am on Sunday.

Deacon Vespers on Wednesday, July 22 at 6:30pm.  Subdeacon Bert Walther will lead the Christian Education Class on Wednesday at 7:30 with a teaching on “Prophet Ezekiel’s Work & Example”

No Services on Friday the 24th.  Fr. Justin will be returning from the AAC meeting.

Bulletin July 19, 2015

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