Bulletin August 16, 2015


August 15 – “Feast of the Dormition (Falling-Asleep) of the Theotokos: Commemorating the Death of the Virgin Mary and her 3rd-Day Translation to Life in the Kingdom of her Son and Lord.”

Looking Ahead to the New Church Year Part of the grace of entering the new church year on September 1 is simply taking stock of where we are and orienting ourselves towards the future in way that furthers our salvation in Christ. All Orthodox Christians should consider not only the Resurrectional cycle (Vigil and Liturgy), but also the 12 Great Feasts with their Vigils and Liturgies, other Festal commemorations such as St. Nicholas, St. Herman, and St. Athanasius, regular times for Confession, opportunities for Christian service, education and even pilgrimage. To that end, Fr. Justin has prepared a “year outlook” document for our laity and for our youth, so that we can mark in our calendars some of the important dates in this coming church year. Check your emails and other media connecting points to the parish.

“What is Orthodoxy?” Fr. Justin is doing a special 2-part Christian Education class on Wednesdays, August 26 and September 2. Please take some of the fliers on the credenza in the nave and share with friends and neighbors. The classes will be announced in the Jessamine Journal on August 13 & 20.







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