Bulletin September 13, 2015


Feast of Exaltation of the Cross is Monday, September 14

(strict fast day with wine & oil)

Vigil for Feast is 6:30pm on Sunday / Festal Liturgy is 7am on Monday

Sunday School begins this Sunday for all ages at 9am

Playground In Process Thanks to Josh Lourie, Jeff Hart, Chris Reeves, and Mary Bradshaw for their work yesterday in preparing the playground pad. This is still a work in progress. Please keep children away from the muddy area. We may be doing work Sunday afternoon and/or next Saturday: so stay tuned!

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) Organization Meeting this Sunday at 4pm. Students and priests from all three parishes are involved in this truly Pan-Orthodox outreach. The meeting will be held in the Fine Arts library today (Sunday, the 13th) next to the Fine Arts Building. Zoe Zamora is our student contact, so see Zoe today for more information! Anyone connected with the University of Kentucky or even local college students at other institutions, are welcome to come.

Wednesday Vespers at 6:30pm will be followed by Part II of our Special Christian Education Series “Handbook of Orthodox Life.” Part II, which begins at 7:20pm in the conference room, will cover the history of our parish, the various parish ministries, what it means to be part of a parish, in general. Visitors are welcome!

Bulletin-September 13-2015


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