Bulletin October 11, 2015


Rain Garden & Playground Project Completed / Blessing & Procession after Liturgy this Sunday

Thanks to all who attended and helped prepare for the Reception and Presentation on the Syrian Crisis held here at St. Athanasius this weekend.

Tuesday Moleben and Friday Matins are cancelled for this coming week.

Reader’s Vespers at 6:30pm on Wednesday. The Christian Education Class will meet at 7:20pm with discussion on the “12 Orthodox Feasts.” Visitors are always welcome!

Note Change for Next Saturday: Deacon Simeon will serve Great Vespers at 6:30pm. There will be no confessions, but Father Justin will be available on Sunday at 9:15am to hear confessions before Liturgy.

Child Safety Compliance: The child safety committee would like to wrap up the interviews with the volunteers next Sunday, October 18. Those volunteers who have not completed the online training and/or paperwork are asked make this a priority this week. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Bulletin-October 11-2015

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