Bulletin January 3, 2016

Upcoming Theophany Services

January 5 Eve of Theophany (strict fast day)
Royal Hours at 11am – 12:30pm
Vigil for Theophany at 6:30pm followed by Confessions

January 6 Feast of Theophany (no fast)
Festal Liturgy for Theophany w/Indoor Water Blessing at 7am

Vespers at 6:30pm; Potluck Meal & Theophany Talk with Fr. Cosmin at 7:20pm

January 10 Sunday After Theophany Divine Liturgy at 10am

Procession to Lake Mingo at 11:45am for Outdoor Water Blessing Coffee Hour at 12:30

No Friday Matins is scheduled in January (for a variety of reasons). Please see Fr. Justin if you have any questions.

Remember to signup for the potluck on Wednesday, January 6 if you plan to attend.

2016 St. Tikhon Liturgical Calendars are still available. See Fr. Justin if you would like one.

Bulletin-January 3 2015

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