New Year and Theophany

We stand between Christmas and Theophany, the 2 Great Feasts of this Season!  We will mark these festal days with a number of celebrations:

  • Post-Christmas Men’s Night Tuesday, December 29, from 7-10pm, at Carl’s House. Email Fr. Justin for directions.
  • Services for the New Year/Circumcision of the Lord/St. Basil the Great will be served with Great Vespers at 8pm New Year’s Eve and Liturgy at 10am January 1.
  • Special Community Party and Dance hosted in our parish hall beginning at about 8:30pm New Year’s Eve (Thursday, Dec. 31). This event, at which one of our parishioners will be serving as DJ, is open to all at no charge. Just bring food and drink of choice.
  • Normal Weekend Cycle (with Vigil Jan. 2 and Liturgy Jan. 3) and no Sunday School.
  • Royal Hours for Theophany Eve (Strict Fast) at 11am, January 5, and Vigil for Theophany at 6:30pm, that evening.
  • Festal Liturgy for Theophany at 7am, January 6 (followed by Indoor Blessing of Waters and festal breakfast in hall).
  • Vespers Wednesday, January 6, at 6:30pm followed by a Potluck Meal and Teaching by Fr. Cosmin Sicoe about the Great Feast of Theophany.
  • The online sign-up for January Houseblessings is here. Fr. Justin invites all parishioners and friends of our parish who desire this home blessing service to sign up now.  The full text of Houseblessing Service can be accessed in pdf hereNew Year in Serbia

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