January: Blessings & Houseblessings

January is the month that, in Orthodox Church life, is dominated by the Great Feast of Theophany and its “aftermath,” which includes the Outdoor Great Blessing of the Waters, the Blessing of cars (in our local tradition), and the Blessing of homes. In this season, we celebrate God’s entry into the world by expressing His entry into every part of our regular lives: our cities, our homes, our cars, and our families.

Sun., Jan. 10 after Liturgy: Great Water Blessing at Lake Mingo

Sun., Jan. 17 after Liturgy: Blessing of Cars

Throughout January: Houseblessings for parish members and friends. Please sign-up online here or contact Fr. Justin directly to schedule an appointment. For complete information about how we should prepare for the service and for the actual text of the service, visit this link.



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