In Memory: Gabriel Zamora


Gabriel Zamora several years ago


Early in the morning this past Sunday, Sept. 18, Gabriel Zamora, a 19-year-old member of our parish, was tragically struck by a car. As a result of this accident, Gabriel suffered scores of broken bones and intense head trauma. Just after midday on Wednesday, Sept. 21, after careful consultation with the doctors, much reflection, and prayer, Gabriel’s parents removed him from ventilator. About a half-hour after being taken off life-support, Gabriel passed away peacefully, being surrounded by his family amidst the prayers of the Church.

Because of Gabriel’s autism and other disabilities, his parents not only have been inundated with medical bills, but were also unable to obtain life insurance, which would have paid for his burial. As Gabriel’s parish family, we are trying to coordinate his friends and relatives to cover the cost of a proper Christian burial. Our parish is accepting checks (memo “Gabriel Memorial Fund” for tax-free gift) and Paypal donations on his behalf. Total funeral expenses are likely to approach $8000. Already, donations have begun to come in and we are grateful!

We invite all of Gabriel’s friends and acquaintances to “sing him away” (as the funeral is referred to in the old languages) and join your prayers to ours in memorial services Friday and Saturday. Gabriel’s funeral arrangements are as follows:

  • 7pm Friday (Sept. 23): Funeral Vigil WP_20141011_036
  • 8:20pm Friday: Visitation & All-Night Psalter-reading vigil
  • 8:20pm Friday: Light Refreshments in parish hall (hosted by St. Elizabeth Sisterhood)
  • 8am Saturday (Sept. 24): Funeral Liturgy & Last Kiss
  • 10:30am Saturday: Short Graveside Service at Hillcrest Cemetery in Lexington

Our youth group, of which Gabriel was a part for many years, will memorialize him with a short Litya for the Departed and will share stories about Gabriel, remembering him around the campfire, 6-7:30pm, this Sunday. We ask your continued prayers for Gabriel’s repose and for peace and strength for his immediate family.



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