Update on Fund for Gabriel’s Funeral


Gabriel Zamora at a 2014 youth group event

Dear parish family & friends of Gabriel who have come alongside us in this past week,

As I announced last week on our parish website, our 19-year-old parishioner Gabriel Zamora passed away on Sept. 21, after suffering a traumatic auto-related injury. We asked our parishioners and other friends of Gabriel’s family to help us cover the costs of his burial. Over the past week, about $5000 has been received in cash or check. In addition, another $5000 was collected through the parish’s Paypal portal. We are incredibly grateful that the entire cost of Gabriel’s funeral has been covered by these generous gifts!

Any further offerings that are made in Gabriel’s honor will go toward an as-yet-to-be-determined memorial project that will be announced once the parish council confirms it. Stay tuned for more information.

Asking prayers for Gabriel’s repose and for the consolation of his family,

Priest Justin Patterson





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