Intro to Orthodoxy Online Now


On Wednesday, October 5, we launched our 11-week series providing a broad exposure to the mind and teaching of the Orthodox Church. We will continue our series each Wednesday at 7:20pm (following our weekly Wed. night Vespers at 6:30pm) until the week before Christmas. Check out our complete Schedule & Syllabus here. The following parts of our Introduction to Orthodoxy Series are now available as YouTube video and as audio file with PowerPoint slide show:

Part 1 0f 11: Framing our Series w/ Insights from Patriarch Bartholomew

(Person as Mystery, Person as Truly Free, Person as Relational, Person as Icon of Wholeness)


Pdf Slideshow for Part 1 of 11


Part 2 0f 11: Introducing an Orthodox Worldview 

(How does an Orthodox worldview contrast with pre-Christian and other Christian worldviews?)


Pdf slideshow for Part 2 of 11

Handout pdf on Orthodox Worldview (for Part 2)161012_001


Part 3 0f 11: “Orthodoxy as Paradoxy”

(Exploring the centrality of paradox in the authentic Christian worldview.)


Pdf slideshow for Part 3 of 11

Handout pdf (for Part 3): Fr. Hopko’s “12 Things” Required of those Desiring to Learn the Faith


Part 4 of 11: “Sin, the Passions, and Ascesis”

(How the Orthodox Church understands human nature, sin, and the struggle against sin.)


Pdf Slideshow of Part 4 of 11

Handout pdf of Passions & Virtue Continuum


Part 5 of 11: “Introducing Holy Tradition”


Pdf Slideshow of Part 5 of 11


Part 6 of 11: “Scripture in Tradition”


Pdf slideshow Part 6 of 11

Pdf Handout for Part 6 (Scripture in Tradition)


Part 7 of 11: “Liturgy Alive in Tradition”

Pdf slideshow for Part 7 of 11 (Liturgy Alive in Tradition)

Part 8 of 11: “Councils, Canons, and Saints Alive in Tradition”

Pdf slideshow for Part 8 of 11 (Councils, Canons, and Saints in Tradition)

Part 9 of 11: “The Liturgical Arts in Tradition”

Pdf slideshow of Part 9 of 11 (Liturgical Arts in Tradition)


Part 10 of 11: “The Church Confesses Christ–the Nicene Creed”

Pdf of slideshow from Part 10 of 11 (The Church Confesses Christ–the Nicene Creed)


Part 11 of 11: “The Church, Her Sacraments, and the Cross”

Pdf of slideshow from Part 11 or 11 (The Church, Her Sacraments, and the Cross)

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