Intro to Orthodoxy Series Begins


Our parish’s 11-week catechetical series An Introduction to Orthodoxy begins this Wednesday night, October 5. Following our regular 6:30pm Wednesday Vespers service, for the next 11 weeks (from 7:20-8:20pm,) Fr. Justin will be introducing us to Jesus Christ as we proclaim him in the Orthodox Church. Our series not only will examine the foundations of our Faith, but will also explore an Orthodox worldview, the role of Holy Tradition and Scripture, the place of Liturgy and icons, and a Sacramental approach to life in Christ. For more detailed information on our Introduction to the Orthodoxy Series, check out out our Series Syllabus. Anyone who is interested in these classes is invited to join us! Please call Fr. Justin at 859-361-2823 if you would like more information.

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