The Journey to Nativity 2016

In the Orthodox Church, we begin preparing for the celebration of Christmas 40 days prior to the to the feast itself–on Nov. 15–when the Nativity Fast (also known as the St. Philip’s Fast or Advent Fast) begins. We invite not only Orthodox Christians but also others who are interested in deepening their experience of the Lord’s birth to join us as we journey towards this important, ancient Christian celebration. Our regular schedule during Advent will include:

  • Saturdays: Vigil 630-8pm followed by Confessions
  • Sundays: Sunday School 9am & Liturgy 10am (followed by a light lenten meal)
  • Wednesdays: Vespers 630pm, Intro to Orthodoxy 720pm, Small Compline 820-840pm followed by Confessions
  • Tuesdays: Moleben (Intercession Serivce) 11am followed by Confessions

Here are some of the more important special feasts leading up to Christmas:

  • Feast of the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple
    • 630pm Vigil on Sun., Nov. 20 & 930am Liturgy on Mon., Nov. 21
  • Thanksgiving Services
    • 630pm Compline with Akathist “Glory to God for All Things” on Wed. Nov. 23 & 8am Thanksgiving Liturgy
  • St. Nicholas Day
    • 630pm Great Vespers with Visit from St. Nicholas on Mon., Dec. 5 & 930am Liturgy on Tues., Dec. 6
  • St. Herman Day
    • 630pm Great Vespers on Mon. Dec. 12 & 930am Liturgy on Tues., Dec. 13
  • December 23
    • 930am Royal Hours followed by Confessions & 630pm Vespers followed by Confessions
  • Christmas Eve (Dec. 24)
    • 9am Liturgy for the Eve
    • 630pm Vigil for Nativity
  • Feast of our Lord’s Nativity (Christmas Day)
    • 8am Festal Liturgy
  • Synaxis of the Theotokos (Dec. 26)
    • 9am Festal Liturgy

Here is a sermon of St. John Chrysostom (349-407) that he gave during the time of the Nativity Fast to prepare his own congregation for the coming of Christmas.

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