Christian Education on Wednesday Nights Online

One of the priorities our parish has, as a community, is offering Christian Education. One of the regular features of our parish education program is a Wednesday Night Christian Education that follows our weekly Vespers service. Most often, the priest will teach these classes (which may or may not form a series.) We are particularly blessed in our parish to have many men and women holding advanced theological and academic degrees. We will post a sampling of some of these segments on this page.

Seeing Mary in the Old Testament: A Bible Study w/Alana Sheldahl, MDiv.

Audio from January, 2017:

Youtube Option:


An Orthodox View of the End Times: A Bible Study w/ Alana Sheldahl, MDiv. 

Audio from February, 2017 :


A 3-Part Journey to Health for Orthodox Christians: Dr. Alina Rizea-Rusu, MD

Dr. Alina, as a doctor of internal medicine serving in Kentucky, has seen the many challenges her patients face. Being brought up in Romania, she also knows how the Standard American Diet (aka “SAD”) contrasts with healthy ways of living both in Europe and elsewhere. Dr. Alina brings her love for the Orthodox Faith and medicine together in this short, helpful series, recorded on 3 Saturday evenings during Great Lent 2017. Enjoy!

Part 1 Audio:

Part 2 Audio:

Stay tuned for Part 3…



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