Christ is Risen!

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With Holy Week and the actual Paschal Day behind us, we turn to our ongoing celebration of Pascha. The first week after Pascha, known as “Bright Week,” retains full Paschal elements in all the services for this special week. Morning and Evening Prayers are affected and are simply The Hours of Holy Pascha. (Click here for a simple audio recording of the Paschal Hours.) Here are the services and other events related to parish life coming up for the rest of Bright Week:

  • Bright Tuesday: 9am Paschal Matins
  • Bright Tuesday: 630pm Paschal Vespers for OCF UK (at St. Augustine Chapel)
  • Bright Wednesday: 630pm Paschal Vespers
    • feast & fellowship (bring your own food) 
  • Bright Thursday: 930am Paschal Liturgy
  • Bright Friday: 9am Paschal Matins 
  • Bright Friday: 6pm Men’s Night @ Carl’s (email priest for directions)
  • Bright Saturday: 3-7pm Hike, Vespers on the Mount, & Picnic at the Berea Pinnacles
    •  For more info & interactive map, click here. Remember, we meet at trail head at 3pm
  • Bright Saturday: 630pm Readers’ Vespers at St. Athanasius 
  • Thomas Sunday: 9am Sunday School & 10am Liturgy with Procession
  • Thomas Sunday: 6pm Pan-Orthodox College-Age Bonfire & Cookout 

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