Bulletin September 17, 2017

Today’s Readings: 2 Corinthians 4:6-15 Matthew 22:35-46

Panikhida (Memorial) for Gabriel Zamora 5:45pm on Wednesday, September 20 prior to Vespers at 6:30pm. Collins and Hannah Kamau will be leading the Christian Education Class this evening with a presentation about their recent trip to Kenya. Come and hear what they discovered and learn about how we can all be involved in furthering the Church in Kenya and Greater Africa. There will be lots of pictures!!!

Annual Parish Meeting next Sunday following Divine Liturgy. We will be electing two people to the council. If you are interested in running for election please see Fr. Justin today after Liturgy.

?Ministry Stewards Please submit your activity reports for 2016-17 to Fr. Justin no later than Wednesday (9/20) for inclusion in the annual packet that will be made available for all parish families at the APM.

?Pizza will be provided by the parish for children during the meeting and adults following the meeting. All parish families should be represented at this annual event.

?Now is the perfect time to join a parish ministry and share your talents!

Bulletin September 17, 2017

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