Visitors’ Sunday

On Sunday, October 29, our parish celebrates our 2nd Annual Visitors’ Sunday. Last year, we welcomed a couple dozen new faces on this day and we hope to meet many more this year. We will have a special service guide and handout about our ancient Orthodox Christian Faith for visitors. Our plan for the day is simple:

  • 9am Sunday School (2nd grade-adults)
  • 10am Divine Liturgy (Main Service)
  • 1130am Sunday School (PK-1st grade dismissed at end of church)
  • 1145am Church Tour followed by Coffee and Light Lunch in the parish hall

A short introduction to Orthodoxy and what you can expect on visiting can be found here. Directions to St. Athanasius can be found here. You can read about Orthodox Christianity, more broadly, here. Fr. Justin’s 12-Part Introduction to Orthodoxy classes can be accessed in two formats here.



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