Theophany & Houseblessings 2018

Theophany Cycle 2018

  • Fri. Jan. 5, 9am Royal Hours (Confessions)
  • Fri. Jan 5, 630pm Theophany Vigil (Confessions)
  • Sat. Jan. 6, 9am Theophany Liturgy w/ Indoor Water Blessing
  • Sat. Jan. 6, 1pm Pan-Orthodox Blessing of Ohio River near Louisville
  • Sat. Jan 6, 630pm Great Vespers (Confessions)
  • Sun. Jan. 7, 10am Liturgy w/ Blessing of Cars and Fellowship Hour
  • The Blessing of Homes begins January 7 through end of month

If you would like your home blessed in the month of January, please sign-up via our online sign-up here. The complete text of the standard houseblessing, as well as basic guidelines for how to prepare for your houseblessing, can be found here.

For more information on upcoming services, please visit our parish calendar. We are always pleased to welcome visitors to our parish!


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