Bulletin March 25, 2018


5th Sunday of Great Lent: St. Mary of Egypt

Today is also the Feast Day of Annunciation of the Most-Holy Theotokos (always on March 25) and is one of two days during Lent (also Palm Sunday) that we are permitted to eat fish.

Final Evening Presanctified Liturgy (&Lenten Meal) is served on Wednesday, March 28 at 6:15pm. Next week is Holy Week and the last Presanctified Liturgy will be served at 11am on Wednesday (no meal).

Final Friday Presanctified Liturgy is March 30 at 11am. On Friday evening at 7:30 we pray an End-of-Lent Compline and Father will hear adult confessions following. If you plan to receive Communion at Pascha, this is your last official opportunity to make a Lenten confession.

Bulletin March 25, 2018


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