Bulletin July 15, 2018

St. Vladimir, Enlightner of the Slavs

Today’s Readings: Rom. 15:1-7 Matt. 9:27-35

Honoring Two Special Saints

  • Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna of Russia (????????? ??????????) was martyred July 18, 1918. She was glorified by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in 1981, and by the Russian Orthodox Church as a whole in 1992 as New-Martyr Elizabeth. Our St. Athanasius Women’s Group, Sisterhood of St. Elizabeth the New-Martyr, will host the Christian Education Class on Wednesday, July 18 beginning 7:20pm with “Readings and Reflection on the writings of New-Martyr Elizabeth.” Plan to come and bring a friend! Anyone who would like to honor St. Elizabeth with flowers should bring them July 18-22. In honor of her 100th year anniversary of martyrdom, Fr. Justin will include prayers to St. Elizabeth in the Divine Liturgy on July 22 and a special collection will be taken for a local medical facility.
  • The Relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, one of the most beloved saints of the Orthodox Church, is commemorated on July 19, the anniversary of his canonization in 1903. Great Vespers for St. Seraphim will be served on Wednesday the 18th at 6:30pm and on the 19th we will pray an Akathist to St. Seraphim at 11am.

Bulletin July 15, 2018

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