Dormition Fast: Capping Off Summer!

The season of the Dormition Fast (August 1-14) which culminates in the Great Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos on August 15, caps off a rich and full summer at St. Athanasius. Vacation Church School, youth summer camps, feast days, a special pastoral trip to Russia, the full roll-out of the parish Telos Project for Young Adults, and the OCA All-American Council are just some of the many things that have been happening in our parish. (See photos below.)

The Dormition Fast is a great time to refocus our spiritual energies and dig a little deeper. Here are some of the special services and events happening in early August:

  • Wednesday, August 1:
  • Friday, August 3: 9:00am Paraclesis to the Theotokos & Confessions
  • Saturday, August 4:
    • 2:30pm Parish Hike at Pinnacles in Berea (use website to pin google map)
      • Vespers on East Pinnacle around 4pm (picnic following)
    • 6:30pm Lay Vespers at St. Athanasius (No Confessions)
  • Sunday, August 5:
    • 10:00am Divine Liturgy & Fellowship Hour
    • 6:30pm Vigil for Transfiguration & Confessions
  • Monday, August 6:  8:00am Festal Liturgy for Transfiguration
  • Wednesday, August 8:
    • 6:30pm Great Vespers for St. Herman
    • 7:20pm Christian Education: Reflections by Participants in 19th AAC
  • Thursday, August 9: 9:00am Liturgy for St. Herman Day
  • Friday, August 10: 9:00am Paraclesis to the Theotokos & Confessions
  • Saturday, August 11: 6:30pm Paraclesis & Great Vespers & Confessions
  • Sunday, August 12: 10:00am Liturgy, Blessing School Year, & Fellowship Hour
  • Tuesday, August 14: 6:30pm Vigil for Dormition & Confessions
  • Wednesday, August:
    • 8:00am Festal Liturgy for Dormition
    • 6:30pm Great Vespers (Image-Not-Made-By Hands)
    • 7:20pm Christian Education: New Series Begins “Reflections on Mere Christianity”
  • Mark Your Calendars for our September 8 Church New Year Festival & our Commencement of Sunday School on September 9!

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