Christian Education: Orthodox Reflections on Mere Christianity

On Wednesday, August 15, the Feast of the Dormition, Fr. Justin began a new multi-week Christian Education series, entitled “Orthodox Reflections on Mere Christianity.”

The general plan of the series is to track with Mere Christianity itself, using Lewis’ own division of the material:

  1. Right & Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe (Intro to Natural Law) (1 week) 
  2. What Christians Believe (1 week)
  3. Christian Behavior (2 weeks)
  4. Beyond Personality: or First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity (2 weeks)

We will post each week’s audio as it is available!

Week 1: Introduction & Natural Law 

Week 2: What Christians Believe (or, a start, at least!)

Week 3: Christian Behaviour (Morality, Virtues, Sex, & Marriage)

Week 4: Christian Behaviour (Forgiveness, Pride, Faith, Hope & Love) 

Week 5: Christian Belief & Doctrine (Part 1)

Week 6: Christian Belief & Doctrine (Part 2)


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