The Crown of the Year

At this time of year, as school resumes for many of our parish families, we also face the Church New Year, which commences on September 1. For our parish, as well, various aspects of parish life begin anew each September:

  • our liturgical year begins on September 1
  • our budgetary year begins September 1
  • our Sunday School year begins Sunday after Labor Day (Sept. 9)
  • Wednesday night Christian Education classes (720-820pm) have already picked up again (an ongoing 6-part series on Mere Christianity is desribed here and a more nuts-and-bolts catechesis class begins at the end of September)

We invite you to come alongside our parish family as we head into this Church New Year! Here are some ways to be involved:

  • Various important liturgical feasts are coming up (including the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, the Nativity of the Theokotos, and Exaltation of the Cross) in late August through mid-September. View our online calendar for service times. Liturgical worship of the Lord remains the heartbeat of our parish!
  • Our 1st Church New Year Ministries Festival this year is tied to our Saturday celebration of the Nativity of the Theotokos Feast on Sept. 8. Following the 9am Festal Liturgy on Saturday, Sept. 8, Telos Project will be funding a full breakfast and organizing a fun day (bouncy house for kids, yard games, and booths set up describing the ministries in our parish and ways you can get involved!) The day will end with Vespers at 3pm.
  • Sunday School (for all ages!) commences on Sunday, Sept. 9. Classes for 7-year-olds through adults run 9am to 950am. The pre-K and K class begins right at the end of Liturgy (1140am) and before announcements.
  • Youth Group kicks off with a special canoeing day-retreat on the Kentucky River on Sept. 9. A full calendar for both Youth Group and Girls’ Group has been prepared for the academic year!
  •  Our Annual Parish Meeting of the parish community is scheduled Sunday, Sept. 23, in accordance with parish tradition and diocesan requirement. We ask all adult parishioners to participate in the meeting. (Childcare will be provided.) At our APM, we will be filling 3 parish council seats and voting on our our proposed budget for the year. (An early draft of our proposed budget can be view viewed here.)

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