Bulletin October 28, 2018

22nd Sunday After Pentecost

Today’s Readings: Gal. 6:11-18 Luke 8:26-39

Today is OCA Steward Sunday

Welcome to our Newest Catechumens Last Sunday, we enrolled two new catechumens: Kenleigh Joseph (of Lexington) and Ross McClure (of Richmond). Today Rebecca McDaniel is enrolled as a catechumen. We are blessed to have 13 catechumens actively preparing to enter the Life of the Church at some point between Nativity and Pascha.

On Wednesday, October 31, (instead of Vespers) we will serve the Akathist to St. John Kochurov at 6:30pm. Part 3 of our “Back to Basics with the Law of God” will pick up at 7:20pm. As we begin our exploration of the Old Testament, we will be looking at the OT passages drawn out for examination in the Law of God catechesis book. Parts 1 and 2 are both online now.

Bulletin October 28, 2018

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