Bulletin October 7, 2018

19th Sunday After Pentecost

Today’s Readings: 2 Cor. 11:31-12:-9 Luke 7:11-16

Typikon 101: Understanding the Structure of our Orthodox Services On Wednesday, October 10 following 6:30pm Vespers, Zoe Zamora will be offering a 1-time teaching, introducing the “Typikon,” the ancient “rule” that governs how Orthodox worship services are put together. Have your ever wondered what the “stikhera” are or what a “troparion” is? Come and learn!

Saturday, October 13

  • Fall Retreat 9am – 3:45pm (see bulletin insert for details)
  • Vespers will be served at 4pm this day.
  • Benefit Dance—1950’s Theme—for the Jessamine County Food Pantry will complete the day from 8-11:30pm. Have fun while helping others! ($5 donation per person suggested)

Bulletin October 7, 2018

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