Prepare, O Bethlehem!

From November 15 until December 24, the Orthodox Church observes the Nativity Fast (New Calendar). This fasting season has been established by our Church since ancient times for the purpose of preparing our hearts to welcome the Light of Christ at Christmas. Fasting seasons are not only times of repentance and reflection, however. They are also occasions for joy and common celebration. Within this particular Fast, and beyond our normal weekend services, are a number of important festal events we invite our faithful and visitors to celebrate with us:

  • Great Feast of Entry of Theotokos into the Temple (Vigil 630pm Nov. 20 & Liturgy 9am Nov. 21)
  • Thanksgiving Services (Akathist “Glory to God for All Things 630pm Nov. 21 & Liturgy 8am Nov. 22)
  • St. Nicholas Feast (Vespers & Program 630pm Dec. 5 & Liturgy 8am Dec. 6)
  • St. Herman Feast (Vespers 630pm Dec. 12 & Liturgy 9am Dec. 13)
  • Sunday Dec. 16: Baptisms & Chrismation 9am before 10am Liturgy
  • Sunday Before Nativity (Vigil 630pm Dec. 22 & Liturgy 10am Dec. 23)
  • Christmas Eve Services (Royal Hours 8am, Vesperal Liturgy 1030am, & Vigil 630pm)
  • Nativity Feast Liturgy (Festal Liturgy 8am)
  • 2nd Day of Christmas/Synaxis of Theotokos (Festal Liturgy 9am Dec. 26)
  • Vesperal Liturgy for New Year‘s Eve 530pm (Dinner & Dance Following)

During the course of the Nativity Fast, our local custom is to add the service of Small Compline once a week.  Each Wednesday night, after our 630pm Vespers and our 720pm Christian Education class, we will serve Compline at 8:20pm. See our updated online calendar for more detailed information about these and other services in November, December, and January. You can view photos from our major feasts in December 2017 here.

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