Houseblessing Season 2019

In the month of January, the Orthodox Church observes the Great Feast of Theophany, or Epiphany. One of the special features of Epiphany is the blessing of homes. Because our parishioners in America are often scattered across many counties (rather than residing in one village,) the season often informally includes the whole month of January. Traditionally, the Theophany houseblessing involves:

  • inviting the parish priest to bless your home! (see online sign-up here)
  • gathering the family together (nuclear for sure, but perhaps also extended family and godrelatives)
  • arranging a home altar (icon corner) or setting a special table in the dining room with the following items:
    • a Bible or Gospel Book
    • an icon of our Lord
    • a medium sized bowl filled partially with water (holy water added)
    • a beautiful table cloth (often white)
    • a candle that can be carried around the house during the blessing
    • a list of names of living and departed relatives and friends (whom you might regularly pray for)
    •  the placement of this Order for the Theophany House Blessing (if possible)

Below are photos of the Great Blessing of Waters Service that St. Athanasius’ parish family celebrated on Epiphany itself (Sunday, Jan. 6) at Hickman Creek running through Veterans’ Park on the border of Fayette and Jessamine Counties. Over 75 parishioners participated in the festal blessing!

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