Theophany & Houseblessing Season

Christmas on Dec. 25 gives way to the Great Feast of Epiphany–also known as Theophany–on Jan. 6. (Some Orthodox keep “Old Calendar Christmas” on Jan. 7… Read here for an explanation about why certain Orthodox keep Christmas and Epiphany on different days.) In addition to a robust cycle of services that lead up to Theophany, Orthodox believers often mark the festal season domestically with the celebration of houseblessings throughout the month of January. Traditionally, the Theophany season houseblessing includes:

  • inviting the parish priest to come! (see here for online sign-up to invite the priest to bless your home)
  • gathering the family together (nuclear for sure, but perhaps also extended family and godrelatives)
  • arranging a home altar (icon corner) or setting a special table in the dining room with the following items:
    • a Bible or Gospel Book
    • an icon of our Lord
    • a medium sized bowl filled partially with water (to which is added holy water)
    • a beautiful table cloth (often white)
    • a candle that can be carried around the house during the blessing
    • a list of names of living and departed relatives and friends (whom you might regularly pray for)
    •  the placement of this Order for the Theophany House Blessing (if possible)

Our Epiphany-Theophany Services include:

  • 9am Friday Jan. 4: Royal Hours & Confessions
  • 9am Sat. Jan. 5: Theophany Eve Liturgy & Indoor Water Blessing
  • 630pm Sat. Jan. 5: Great Vigil for Theophany & Confessions
  • 10am Sun. Jan. 6: Theophany Liturgy & Coffee Hour
  • 1240pm Sun. Jan. 6: Great Blessing of Water Outdoors at Hickman Creek in Veterans Park (Fayette County)
    • Directions:  Drive up Nicholasville Road towards Lexington. One stoplight past Brannon Crossing is SouthPoint. Turn right at that stoplight and continue into the neighborhood as the road meanders. Veterans Park will be on the right. (You will see a tank that you can’t miss!) Turn in to the park, and bear left. When you get to a stop sign, go straight into the parking lot. Look for the basketball hoop near the back of the lot and park near there. The 100-yard path to the bridge will be down to your right if you are facing the hoop, which faces the bridge.

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