Fall in our Parish

While September does not feel like fall this year (too hot!) fall is nonethless here. In our parish, September and October are generally months of refocusing, especially in regard to picking up the work of Christian Education and Christian Service.

Christian Education

Sunday School has resumed (9am Sundays for 2nd grade through adults; 1140am for little kids) and, beginning on Sept. 18, we being a new Wednesday night Christian Education Series entitled The Way. We invite our formal catechumens (learners) as well as interested visitors and parish youth to participate. You can can learn more about this program and see all the dates via our Facebook Event Page.

Christian Service & Parish Life

At the same time, we are also rekindling the work of various parish ministries, which can read more about here. We invite our parish family members to particpate both in the rich worship of our Trinitarian God that charactarizes our Orthodox Faith and also in the various ministries of our local parish.

On September 15, we held our  Fall 2019 Visitors’ Sunday. We opened our doors this years to 46 visitors (20+ first-time visitors.) Here are some photos from the Liturgy, the blessing of our new icons, and the church tour that followed our fellowship lunch.

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