Bulletin November 10, 2019

Bulletin November 10, 2019

Gal. 2:16-20 Epistle Reading

Luke 10:25-37 Gospel Reading

Feast for St. John Chrysostom is Wednesday, November 13.

An Akathist will be prayed at 9m to St. John Chrysostom and Fr. Justin will be available for confessions following.

Wednesday Vespers is 6:30pm. The Christian Education Class will view “Living the Faith, Part II” with Fr. Raphael Armour which is Part IX of the ongoing series, The Way. Come join the discussion and fellowship. This will be the last class until December 4.

November 15 is the 1st Day of the Nativity Fast (40 days before Christmas). A Paraclesis for the Beginning of the Nativity Fast will be prayed at 11am on Friday the 15th.


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