A Holy Week Unlike All Others

By now, everybody knows that Holy Week and Pascha 2020 will be unlike all others in recent history. (For more on our diocese’s response to the Coronavirus crisis, thus far, read various links on this page.) The short of it: except for a core of 3-5 people who will sing, serve, and video the divine services, everything our parish is offering at present is offered “virtually” or remotely. Our primary services (including Holy Week services) will be Livestreamed on the St. Athanasius YouTube Channel. Other lesser services and various talks are being shared out via our parish Facebook Page (which you can access without having a Facebook account.) We realize that many people have a difficult time praying along with a livestream or recorded service, so we invite them to take full advantage of our incredible Resource Page for Holy Week & Pascha that contains a wealth of resources for praying these magnificent services at home either alone or with your family. Our schedule for Holy Week & Pascha is here:

Additional Resources During This Pandemic

In this unusual season in our parish history, we sadly cannot invite you to join us physically. But we do invite you to connect virutally, through the livestreaming options and by praying along with our community. We also encourage you to reach out to our priest, Fr. Justin (859-361-2823.) It is vital that everybody in this crazy season–parish members and newcomers–be able to contact the priest for support, prayer, and a listening ear.

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