Resources to Pray Holy Week at Home

For most Orthodox Christians, observing Holy Week and Pascha lies at the core of their piety as believers. Normally, our common work of praying these services together is full of great joy and consolation. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Athanasius is only able to livestream services (with 5 people physically in attendance.) To particpate, we encourage you EITHER

  1. To join us in livestreaming Holy Week services via our YouTube Channel (or via FacebookLive in some cases.)
  2. OR To pray the services of Holy Week as lay services. To do this, you will need copies of the services (some hardcopies are available at the church by request.) Online copies of services will be posted below, by day.   

Perhaps a 3rd approach would be to watch the livestream but also have hard copies of the services handy, so that you can better focus on the words and follow along prayerfully.

What follows us our offering at some original and curated resources for our parishioners to use from home during Holy Week. The texts below are OCA texts (some in more contemporary English and some more traditional) yet reflect common usage in our beloved Orthodox Church in America.

I. General Guidelines For Converting Priestly Services Into Lay Services

II. Services for Holy Week & Pascha: Normal Text with Clergy 

III. Services for Holy Week & Pascha: Pre-Adjusted for Lay Service

IV. Media Inspirations for Holy Week & Pascha

Stay tuned for more additions as we are able to post them!

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