Paschaltide in an Unusual Season

While Pascha 2020 will (hopefully) stand out as a unique one in the story of our lives, we rejoice that Pascha has come and that Christ is Risen! As in every year, the Paschal season continues for 40 days (on this year, until May 28th.)

As our country begins to open up from the Coronovirus pandemic, the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church in America has begun serious conversations about what that process will look like. Here is the most recent roadmap put forth by our Holy Synod. Our diocese has put together these additional directives. In the coming week or two, our parish leadership will be working with both our local civil authorities and our diocesan authorities to apply all these directives as move toward the reopening of our church.

In the meantime, parish life continues on a largely “virtual” basis. The services are sung by a smal skeleton crew of servers and singers. Our primary services are continuing to be Livestreamed on the St. Athanasius YouTube Channel. Other lesser services and various talks are being shared out via our parish Facebook Page (which you can access without having a Facebook account.) Pastoral care is essentially via telephone and teleconference.

Additional Resources During This Pandemic

In this unusual season in our parish history, we sadly cannot invite you to join us physically. But we do invite you to connect virutally, through the livestreaming options and by praying along with our community. We also encourage you to reach out to our priest, Fr. Justin (859-361-2823.) It is vital that everybody in this crazy season–parish members and newcomers–be able to contact the priest for support, prayer, and a listening ear.

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